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PDK Noise Abatement

LET YOUR VOICB BE HEARD! US Senator Max Cleland, (404) 331-4811 and Zell Miller (404) 347-2207 have sought funding for airport improvements at PDK in Senate Appropriations Bill 1178 PDK IS ON THE LIST FOR PRIORITY CONSIDERATION FOR AIRPORT DISCRETIONARY GRANTS FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDING 09/3O/2002. In the past “airport improvements” at PDK have resulted in increased operations. PDK judges its noise abatement success on the number of complaints…

Brook Run Cottage leased out by County

The DNCA is watching this situation carefully… Brook Run: On Monday June 24, 2002, Mr. Richard Stogner, confirmed the county has a one (1) year lease with Forging New Tomorrows, Inc. to lease one of the cottages at Brook Run to house Olympic hopefuls from developing countries while they train at other facilities in the county. When asked if any automatic renewal clauses were included in the lease Mr. Stogner…

The Ramshackle House on Tilly Mill Road

In the late 1990’s, some of you may remember the ramshackle house that was at the corner of Chestnut Drive and Tilly Mill Road. At one point, a developer went to the City of Doraville and applied for a rezoning to C2 which would have allowed for undesirable businesses down the street from our community. Barbara Dodds and I went to the City of Doraville’s City Hall and paid for…

New Gas Grill for Fire Station 18

Everyone know how important  firefighters are to our community so the DNCA is happy to have been able to donate a “much needed” new gas BBQ for local Fire Station #18 this year. They sent us a lovely thank you note. The DNCA hope the new grill keeps them cooking for many years to come.

Zoning Success for DNCA

Zoning on Tilly Mill – One More Success for DNCA! Reprinted from DNCA Newsletter, February 1995   The request for variance submitted by Arbor Ridge for the Cobb property has finally been settled. After being deferred many times (since last October), their attorney asked for the request to be withdrawn without prejudice on January 24. We asked for denial of the request based on the fact that applicants had been…

Citizens Against Road Closings

Following is a portion of a letter to members of DNCA from the 1995 President, Ilene Gormly.  It was published in the February 1995 newsletter and describes a neighborhood concern that was addressed by DNCA and remains an issue today.  Though no resolution to the problem was achieved through DNCA, due to widely divergent perspectives, the letter illustrates how DNCA remains committed to communicating, investigating and resolving issues that affect…

Amended Ambulance Service Enacted!

The petition you signed to amend the emergency ambulance service was enacted by the DeKalb County Department of Public Safety! The new regulation requires the paramedical to transport you to the nearest medical facility that is equipped to treat your condition. The patient may choose which facility to be transported to regardless of whether there is a bed available These valuable lifesaving moments in transporting you to the nearest facility…

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