About the DNCA

County presentation at a DNCA meeting

County presentation at a DNCA meeting

The Dunwoody North Civic Association (DNCA) represents the Dunwoody North Neighborhoods regarding local, city, county, and state issues specifically concerning our community.

The DNCA also assists the residents to protect and enhance the value of their property. The DNCA Board meets regularly to share information, thoughts and ideas, and then shares them with the entire community and City Government.

The Civic Association has built a strong relationship over the years with city, county and the state government.  That relationship has been instrumental in gathering support to fight detrimental development and secure development that enhances the area.

In addition, the DNCA has a reciprocal relationship with the Dunwoody Homeowner's Association and other nearby homeowner groups to assist and support each other.


Some of the reasons you should join and support the Dunwoody North Civic Association:

  • Neighborhood Watch is supported and operated by the DNCA
  • Callingpost alerts from Neighborhood Watch are paid for by the DNCA
  • DNCA represents our neighborhood in Zoning issues to protect our community from irresponsible development
  • DNCA continually works with neighbors, the City of Dunwoody, the county and the state on Code Enforcement issues
  • DNCA pays for Security at events like the Briers North Halloween party
  • DNCA sponsors regular holiday meals for the City of Dunwoody Police Dept and Fire Station 18
  • Newsletters informing the community of current concerns and events are printed regularly by the DNCA and are available electronically
  • Community updates and important notices are provide via email on a regular basis
  • The neighborhood directory is printed and distributed regularly (for DNCA members only)
  • DNCA donates money and time to local schools such as Chesnut, for their STEM lab and sports day
  • We provide assistance to the Driving Club, for example helping with storm damage and other clubhouse improvements
  • DNCA sponsors occasional neighborhood events and with your help and ideas, we can can do more
  • We have the DNCA Beautification Committee for reinvigorating and judging the Yard of the Month
  • Monument landscaping is maintained by Beautification Committee members and materials are paid for by the DNCA

DNCA Is Your Dunwoody North, Be A Part Of It!

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