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Some of what your Dunwoody North Civic Association provides, such as Neighborhood Watch "Calling Post", can actually be included with your free registration while some, such as voting on association matters, discounts for events, etc., requires your nominal paid membership.

The DNCA Neighborhood Watch "Calling Post" delivers timely information to the phone of your choice about suspicious activity in our neighborhood. In addition, you can receive occasional Neighborhood Watch and DNCA email updates. When you register on the DNCA website you can immediately become part of the Neighborhood Watch "Calling Post" program but it is important to understand that the DNCA membership fees paid by you and your neighbors, cover the cost for the "Calling Post" program. If not enough residents fully participate, its not possible to provide the service. Go to the Neighborhood Watch page for more information.

Of course, everything your DNCA does depends on your support so when you sign up for a Paid Full Membership, which is only $20.00/year, you become a full voting household in the DNCA and are part of a greater voice in protecting and improving our neighborhood and of course receive free or discounted entrance to all DNCA sponsored activities. After you register, you can go to your profile page to pay your membership on-line.

The Dunwoody North Civic Association (DNCA) represents the Dunwoody North Communities in city, county, state and national issues concerning the neighborhoods. The primary objective of the DNCA is to enhance your quality of life and the value of your property. Please take some time to learn what we do.

The purpose of the Neighborhood Watch program is to deter crime by letting criminals know that we are watching out for each other. IT WORKS! In neighborhoods that actively employ a “Watch”, crime is reduced. Remember, Neighborhood Watch is a communications network — it only works if you are a member and participate by calling when you see suspicious activity.

Of course none of this is possible without the participation and support of our members.

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