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Zoning Success for DNCA

Zoning on Tilly Mill – One More Success for DNCA! Reprinted from DNCA Newsletter, February 1995   The request for variance submitted by Arbor Ridge for the Cobb property has finally been settled. After being deferred many times (since last October), their attorney asked for the request to be withdrawn without prejudice on January 24. We asked for denial of the request based on the fact that applicants had been…

Citizens Against Road Closings

Following is a portion of a letter to members of DNCA from the 1995 President, Ilene Gormly.  It was published in the February 1995 newsletter and describes a neighborhood concern that was addressed by DNCA and remains an issue today.  Though no resolution to the problem was achieved through DNCA, due to widely divergent perspectives, the letter illustrates how DNCA remains committed to communicating, investigating and resolving issues that affect…

Amended Ambulance Service Enacted!

The petition you signed to amend the emergency ambulance service was enacted by the DeKalb County Department of Public Safety! The new regulation requires the paramedical to transport you to the nearest medical facility that is equipped to treat your condition. The patient may choose which facility to be transported to regardless of whether there is a bed available These valuable lifesaving moments in transporting you to the nearest facility…

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