Neighborhood Watch Block Captains Needed

To further enhance our Neighborhood Watch coverage and in direct connection with the upcoming release of a new Community Directory, we need your help and cooperation as Neighborhood Watch Block Captains to confirm or correct the information we have on file for the residents in your small zone.

Judy Hofer, Neighborhood Watch Chair, has divided our neighborhoods into small sections, usually 10 homes or less.

Street NameHouse Numbers
Amberley Court N.#4596 - #4622
Amberly Drive [section 1] #2565 - #2592
Andalusia Trail [section 2] #4664 - #4693
Andalusia Trail [section 3] #4664 - #4698
Binghamton Drive [section 1] #2557 - #2578
Brookhurst Drive [section 3] #2401 - #2452
Dunhaven Court#2271 - #2280
Dunhaven Rd [section 1] #4404 - #4443
Dunhaven Rd [section 2] #4450 - #4474
Huntington Circle [section 1] #4259 - #4325
Kings Pt Dr [section 1] #2468 - #2514
Kings Pt Dr [section 4] #2293 - #2320
Laurelwood Rd [section 1] #2568 - #2671
Ledgewood Dr #2380 - #2396
Madison Place Lane #4536 - #4585
W Madison Dr
E. Madison Dr
Madison Commons #2453 - #2528
N. Peachtree Rd [section 2] #4601 - #4705
Old Orchard Court #2471 - #2506
Pyranees Court #4674 - #4676
Riverglen Circle [section 3] #2442 - #2570
Tilly Mill Road
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A Block Captain’s primary duty is to occasionally confirm with the residents in your group that their contact information is accurate. This is particularly urgent now as this is the confirmation process for all the information listed in the new neighborhood directory which will be published in 2020. It is also important to note when one of your group is moving so their information can be updated and when new residents move in, to contact them, let them know about the DNCA, Neighborhood Watch and to add their information. Beyond that, it’s entirely up to you to be as involved with your neighbors as you see fit.

For all of our neighbors it is important to understand that you can request that your phone number not be listed in the directory and to know that all of the collected information is strictly for DNCA use. We do not sell or share this information with anyone else.

Please contact me if you are willing to serve as a Block Captain or, if you know of someone else that might be interested in helping with this important task, I would appreciate it if you could contact them and have them contact me - it does not entail much time.

Contact Judy Hofer - Neighborhood Watch Chair
Phone: 404-402-9354

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