2013 Yard of the Month

Everyone was frustrated by the amazing amount of rain we have had this year but feast or famine, our gardeners keep on tending their yards as best they can... Take a look... Will your yard be next?

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Another year of Yard of the Month judging has come to an end. The Beautification Committee would like to thank not only the winners of this year’s awards but everyone who spent a part of their summer planting, weeding, mowing and mulching to make their yards beautiful. Attractive yards not only make the home owner’s house look better they make the entire community look better.

2013 was a uniquely challenging year. Most of us plan our yards around hot and dry summers. This summer was anything but hot and dry. When was the last summer when we only had a handful of days over 90? The 2012 summer of days over 100 were long forgotten. This year’s heavy rains caused many of our drought resistant, heat loving plants to turn brown. The rain may have reduced our water bills and made our lawns bright green, but many of our annuals and perennials suffered. In the aftermath of such a wet summer, we have taken a tip from the Better Homes and Gardens website to help you prepare your gardens for the winter:

Clear out the blackened stems and foliage of annual flowers and vegetables to prevent the possibility of their harboring disease pathogens and insect eggs over the winter

( www.bhg.com - Preparing Your Garden for Winter )

This year the Beautification Committee introduced a third award for small yards. One award is given to the winner on the west side of Tilly Mill, one to the winner on the east side of Tilly Mill and one award is given to the smaller yards in Briers North, the Madisons and Brafferton.


Remember, Beautification is always looking for volunteers to help with the maintenance of the monuments, yard judging yards, helping with the plant exchange. For more on volunteering please email Beautification from the contact page.

Happy Gardening!

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