2011 Monument Repair on Binghamton

After meeting with several contractors and having discussions with City, the DNCA has completed repairs of the monument at the corner of Binghamton and Tilly Mill Rd. It has over the years been slowly leaning over and was repaired with two helical piles. The contractor, Rock Solid did a great job. They hand dug and discovered a bunch of AT&T lines under the monument. They called AT&T who stayed there while they were putting the piles in and they did not hit one line including the line to the lights that Jason and Vanessa installed to shine on the monument.

As a bit of background, Mike Smith, Director of Public Works took measurements and spoke with Dunwoody City Community Development about granting DNCA the right of way to rebuild the monument in the exact same footprint in the same spot. If they had agreed then we could have built a new monument that is like the one we have. He said the ground in front of the monument may have been soft when it was built and that is why it is tilting or they did not use large enough footings.

However, the City said we would need to repair the monument. They looked at the permit and saw that DeKalb specified it could not be on the right of way and even gave the footage of where it should be placed. The guy who built it did not abide by the issued permit.

As a result, Vanessa, Sam and Gerri of the DNCA interviewed several contractors to decide who to use.

Dave Davis, a resident of Dunwoody North, who has a pressure washer business said he would not charge the civic association to pressure wash all 4 monuments and signs. He said it is his contribution to the community. 

Loading Images
003 - During the reapir of Monument
005 - Now you can see the AT&T Engineer
007 - Still working around lines
009 - Finsihed - the after picture
010 - Tada no tilt
1153 - Before picture of monument
1154 - Before monument
1155 - Before
1156 - A view of Jonathan Buckner checking out the foundation.  Out of the three companies we got quotes from, he was the only one who came prepared to see what was involved.
001 - We finally have an upright monument with newly painted signs on all of the monuments.  woohoo
002 - Another view of the repaired monument


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